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Do You Worship Your Feelings?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

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I call this “soft shirk” 😝 What does it mean to worship joy, sadness, anger and frustration?

It means you make them the center, your boss. You do “what you feel like.”

“I don’t feel like praying.”

“I don’t feel like exercising today.”

“I don’t feel like getting out of bed…”

On and on it goes. Before you get antsy, let me exclude legitimate instances where you can’t pray or get up.

I’m talking about good ol’ laziness and not wanting to do anything. When we worship ONLY Allah, like we say many times daily in the shahadah, then even the smallest things we put in the center of the day have to be shifted.

And salah is the perfect way to exercise that muscle. When we put salah as number one, we refocus and instead of waiting for our TV show to end or finish doing the dishes, we drop everything and head to our convo with our Best Friend.

But, why is salah the “muscle” that gives us energy? Check out my “Mini Mental” for this month HERE to find out!

PS. I should’ve explained a bit more in my “Mini Mental” why salah gives us a boost but you can check out for that.

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