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Trying to Get Back into the Habit of Writing

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Muslim mental health anxiety bipolar mood disorder mania psychotic episode

Yes, it’s not my best content nor the most well-planed out but I need to get back into writing. So I’m aiming for at least one paragraph a week. I’m aiming for at least 250 characters of some benefit to you: my dear reader.

Muslim Moms with Postpartum Depression Episode Coming Up

Currently, I’m working on episode 27 on my Mentally Fit Muslims Podcast. InshaAllah it’ll be about postpartum depression, shame, stigma and the “Women of Paradise.”

Keep your eyes peeled and ears wide open because it’ll be premiering October 20th, 2021 inshaAllah. There! I’ve publicly announced it so I have to do it to avoid letting you down and you can hold me to my word 🙂

And that’s a cup of cappuccino my lil sis made for me mashaAllah. May Allah bless her sweet soul and give her the best of this world and the next. Ameen. I know. The pic has nothing to do with the post lol.

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