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This is a Du’a Hack for Anxiety, Stress and Sadness

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Listen to the du’a HERE on the Mentally Fit Muslims podcast website.

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I’m always searching for tools to improve my sleep at night. Bedtime is a huge challenge for me and also for a lot of people with mental illnesses.

During this pandemic, I decide not to pop pills or junk food to sleep.

It sounds so nice and clear when I type it here but that’s not the case when I wake up with chips crumbs in my bed and my daughter standing over my head demanding to know where the candy wrappers on the floor came from. Darn. I forgot to throw them out…again.

So to get out of this pattern, I have a tool box and one of the hammers in there is this simple yet all encompassing dua:

اللّهُـمَّ إِنِّي أَعْوذُ بِكَ مِنَ الهَـمِّ وَ الْحُـزْنِ، والعًجْـزِ والكَسَلِ والبُخْـلِ والجُـبْنِ، وضَلْـعِ الـدَّيْنِ وغَلَبَـةِ الرِّجال

Transliteration: Allahhumma innee aaoothu bika minal-hammi wal huzni, wal ‘ajzi wal kasali wal bukhli wal jubni, wa zalaid-dayni wa ghalabatir-rijaal

Translation: ‘O Allah, I take refuge in you from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and from being overpowered by men.’

This dua is one of my all-time favorites. If you want to find out the deeper meaning behind each word, then listen to my podcast episode HERE. I find this prayer is a great life and mental hack. Why? Prayer is a super powerful reframing tool. It takes your perspective away from your suffering and makes you reach out to Allah. You realize that you are more than your problems. It shifts your focus from the headache to the Advil. When you recite this prayer, you realize that only Allah can give you true relief.

Dua shifts your focus from the headache to the Advil.

Does saying this dua magically make your messy emotions disappear? Of course not you silly goose. But it does something even more important: making you turn to Allah and talk to Him. This deep conversation with your Lord gives you forbearance, sabr and the persistence to sit through the pain. You can feel the raging storm without becoming enraged by it. That is a huge feat for Muslims with mental illness.

You can feel the raging storm without becoming enraged by it.

Turning to Allah is key to being mentally fit. By saying this dua, you turn to the Source of Strength and the Source of Peace. Be sure to check out my podcast episode HERE for this post. In there I talk about what each word of this dua actually means and why it is so life-altering. Lastly, check out the video for this post on Youtube HERE.

What is your favorite du’a? Comment below!

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