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The Secret to Combatting COVID-19 Fear and Anxiety

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I am battling with what to write today. I started many drafts but just can’t decide what to write at a time like this. With the coronavirus spreading and taking many people’s lives, there is a lot of tough emotions we are facing.

Some are affected financially, others physically and some mentally. Whatever you are facing, everyone is suffering in one way or another and it’s our duty to keep supporting one another. However, since we are all pretty much isolated, I thought this video will bring some comfort to your soul. It’s a little secret I use to combat anxious feelings and bring serenity to my soul. It’s a remembrance of Allah and even if you don’t understand Arabic, it stills brings a calmness. As we Muslims, we say “La ilaha illAllah” when we are afraid. That means “There is no God except Allah.” It’s comforting because when we say this, we are affirming that the ultimate power and might belong to Allah alone. Shaykh Hasan Ali recites this remembrance for an hour and it is very soothing. Give it a listen and play it as you do your chores or work.

I hope it helps you feel better. Stay safe ❤

#anxiety #coronavirus #COVID19 #lailahaillAllah

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