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Writer Asqarini Hasbi Shares 5 Tips to Overcome COVID-19 Anxiety

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

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It is understandable that during this time of the Coronavirus outbreaks, the pandemic frightens all global citizens. It’s not only because of the news about the fast-spreading virus but also because of the number of victims dying.

Watching television, reading the newspaper or listening to the radio or podcasts, people might feel not only physically in their own self-quarantine” but also being prisoned by their own mind.

So what are some tips that can help you overcome things that might trigger your anxiety? Here are five things that you can do to prevent further stress and signs of depressions:

1. Stay Mindful and Positive:

Being mindful will keep you sane and not lose your mental grip. How do you stay positive? Pray. It will help you a lot. Praying will give you faith and the belief that all of this virus turmoil is temporary and it will end. Believe that God The Almighty will always protect you. In Islam, this is called tawakkal. A feeling of reliance or full trust that God Himself will make the best out of the worst even if we can’t see it yet.

2. Having Adequate and Balanced Information:

It is important that you don’t overdose on the news or social media/ television. It will be much wiser to limit that because it’s easy to have too much negative news. That negative information can drive you crazy or trigger your anxiety or depression.

3. Staying on Routine is Important:

Adjust your surroundings so that you are on a similar schedule before COVID-19. Try to do the same activities at the same time as before. By doing so, your mind will have an easier time adjusting to the new changes in your life right now.

4. Be Aware of Your Own Physical Health:

You need to pay attention to your basic needs for food and nourishment. Make sure you have enough nutrients and that you eat well. Do not forget to have your meals around the same time you usually do. Do some simple exercises so that you stay fit.

5. Do Things That Makes You Feel Happy

To keep your mood positive, it is important to do activities that cheer you up like hobbies. This is the perfect time to explore your interests and make something out of it. Hobbies can boost your mood and will increase your endorphin hormones.

Alhamdulillah, ‘ala kulli haal. (All praise is for Allah in every condition).

About Asqarini Hasbi

Asqarini was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a dreamer, poet, writer, volunteer in community projects. She has published many articles, short stories and poetry. She is fluent in English and can understand French.

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