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What is the Worst Prison on Earth?

Think about it…do you know where that is? The worst and most cruel confinement?

It’s closer than you think and those of us blessed with mental illness live in it. Our bodies and our minds can often feel like a trap. You have so much chaos inside and you can’t see anything. It’s worse than all the tangled wires behind your TV. Nothing makes sense. I mean nothing. This is the point where you start questioning your existence. 

This body, this mind and even the spirit inside you were never yours to begin with. 

And trust me, for those of us with bipolar or depression, it is very very easy to get to that point where you just want to escape your own mind. But you know you can’t. And it seems like you are really trapped then yet knowing that suicide is off-limits is actually a blessing. A huge treasure!

When you are connected to the Divine, you believe in a Higher Being, One who blessed you with this life. This body, this mind and even the spirit inside you were never yours to begin with. 

You are just a driver in a car. The car is your body, Sometimes it breaks down. Sometimes it needs a tune-up. And sometimes it becomes the envy of all the people it zooms by. But ultimately, you are leasing this car.

Then what or who really is “you?”

Have patience when it breaks down and be grateful when it’s all shiny and flying down the road. But never ever forget that it’s a gift. Whether you believe in a God or an afterlife or not, the fact is that one day you will leave this vessel. Then what or who really is “you?” It’s your spirit, your actions, your essence. That is all that remains when you have turned in to dust.

What will you leave behind?

P.S. I was listening to this the whole time I was typing this post. Alhumdulillah it really calmed my spirit. I hope it brings you peace also and if you liked this post, please share it with family and friends!

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