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Little Known Ways to Soothe Nighttime Anxiety

Sleep and I always had a troublesome relationship. I mean, it’s ironic that I’m talking to you about insomnia when it’s past midnight and I’m blogging and munching on my favourite popcorn. I also take meds that help me sleep yet I’m still plagued with insomnia or a regular basis.

Oh there is also a bakery called “Insomnia Cookies!” Have you heard about it? Sorry that was a random thought that popped in my head and had to share it.

Anyways, I decided to write about my sleep problems so hopefully I can find some solution or closure that can help both of us. So what are some little known ways to soothe nighttime anxiety?

  1. Salah

  2. Meditation (and no salah is NOT meditation, it’s much much more)

  3. Journal

  4. Relaxing hobby like colouring, embroidery or knitting

  5. Reading is a really good one

But you probably know all these tips right? You’ve probably even tried them. So what actually soothes night time anxiety? For me, if I can’t sleep at night, it rarely has to do with hunger. There is something much more going on and try figuring that out at 12am! I literary have no brain or will power to do anything so how am I to tackle the insomnia monster at that time?

I can’t. That’s why I blog so hopefully we can figure out some solution. I know the issue is one of hunger. It could be a physical, mental or spiritual hunger.

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