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Episode 2 - Yasmin Mogahed on Depression

Uplifting Words by Yasmin Mogahed When You Feel Depressed | Mini Mental

Jul 17, 2020

Asaalamu alaikum,

I’m Saba Malik, host of the Mentally Fit Muslims podcast. And here is today’s Mini Mental.

Today’s Mini Mental is a quote by Sister Yasmin Mogahed. She’s the author of “Reclaim your Heart” and this is one of my favorite quotes from her.

“To all those suffering from sadness or depression, know that it isn’t your fault. It isn’t because you’re weak, it isn’t because you’re just not grateful enough. It isn’t because you’re just not religious enough. It isn’t because you don’t have enough faith. It isn’t because God is angry with you to all the well meaning people who tell you this, just smile and know deep in your heart that the tests of God come in different forms to different people. And know that by the help of God, every test can become a tool to get closer to him. And that verily with every hardship, and like all things of this world, this too shall pass.”

That’s it for today. See you next time,

Asaalamu alaikum.

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