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Mentally Fit Muslims is a non-profit online resource for mental health support . It offers an alternative perspective on what it means to be mentally ill in Islam, one that's empowering instead of stigmatizing. MFM dispels misconceptions about mental illness, promotes healing through spirituality, and helps individuals take care of their minds just as they would their bodies. We provide tools for self-care through podcast episodes, blog posts, videos, eBooks and infographics.

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Depression. It's more than sadness. It's a tsunami of impending doom. It's more than worry. It keeps you up at night. Not because of amusement but because of the taunting, the screeching thoughts, the monstrous howls, the silent scream and the excruciating cries. Feeling any pain or even disturbance yet?. Read more...

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Latest Videos

Tips For Mental Health: What To Do When You Have Sensory Overload and Too Much Mental Stimulation

This video is for all of you who have ever felt like your mind was spinning out of control. I want to share with you some tips on what to do when sensory overload strikes, so that next time it happens, you can feel more in control and know the best way to take care of yourself.

How Muslim Moms Overcome Self-Stigma And Shame Around Postpartum Depression

Are you a Muslim mom who is suffering from postpartum depression? Don't worry, it's not your fault! Postpartum depression is much more common than we realize and can be very isolating. I'm here to empower you with the knowledge of how to cope with postpartum depression as a Muslim woman. 

Bipolar Muslim Mom Successfully Overcomes Mental Health Challenges

IThis video is a story of a Muslim woman, Hayat Omar Hubert, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and how she overcame it. She shares her life before and after diagnosis, tells you about the treatments that helped her, and gives some tips for managing your mental health. This is not a "rah rah" motivational speech. Rather it's about how we can use our struggles as fuel to help us find success in life.

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Our monthly podcast is available for listening on this website and all popular platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more.

An archive of posts about personal experiences with mental illness, personal development topics and coaching.

A collection of e-books, guides, and dua's.

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About the Author

Saba Malik is the creative mind behind Mentally Fit Muslims. Saba has been dedicated to advocating for Muslim mental health since her own diagnosis in 2005. Mentally Fit Muslim represents the culmination of over 12 years of work. 

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"Saba has created an incredible podcast mashaa’Allah. Peer-to-peer support, a space for Muslims living with mental illness to be able to come together and share their stories is direly needed in the Muslim community. Mentally Fit Muslims is filling that gap by providing honest stories about what it’s like to be Muslim and live with mental illness. Saba’s podcast breaks down the barriers of mental health stigma and makes mental health and wellbeing accessible to everyone."




"I love the Mentally Fit Muslims podcast. It feels good to be able to put a name or label to spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity (episode 25). Saba's voice sounds very comforting and she is able to articulate her thoughts very well."


"I love the piece about Ayatul Kursi (episode 24) and the connection between reading it before we go to bed and the fact that Allah (SWT) is He who never sleeps. I never saw it that way. Thought we are going to sleep and into this state where we don't have a consciousness or control, we're leaving our affairs to Allah (SWT)."


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